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April 16, 2009

Posted by linta in THANK YOU!!!.

“Our Luminous World” is the blog that I have been maintaining for the last few months. I created this blog as a part of the blog shop class that I have been attending to. Since we were supposed to take social issues and create blogs in order to make awareness, I took light pollution as the subject of my blog. I have tried my best to attract the attention of people towards this issue and I am really pleased that I could do something that I was capable of in the efforts to control this phenomena. Now, as the semester ends, our blog shop class is also going to be finished for this term. However, I have decided to change the focus of my blog and thus, continue blogging, but it will not be about light pollution. I am going to keep a personal blog with the same URL which will include posts regarding daily life and I hope to write some short stories as well. Thank you everyone who encouraged and helped me in doing this, especially Ms.Amy whose guidance was very precious for all of us.


In Short… April 16, 2009

Posted by linta in THANK YOU!!!.
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A Dark night-Don't let it to be a dream tomorrow

A Dark night-Don't let it to be a dream tomorrow

What we have seen so far is that our world is witnessing a “new” kind of pollution, light pollution. I have used the word “new” in the sense that though it was right beside us, only recently we started addressing it. The excessive artificial light that is spilled out into the atmosphere is the main reason for light pollution. It is a phenomenon happens due to the presence of light where it is not needed. Apart from the causes we have seen the numerous aftermaths of light pollution too. They include biodiversity losses, natural habitat destructions etc. we have seen that new born sea turtles  find it’s difficult to move towards ocean and birds die striking lit buildings, all due to the presence of light in places that misguides the creatures. Humans are not at all free from the repercussions of light pollution. Those effects include the increased breast cancer incidence, headaches and damage to the normal functioning of reproductive systems. Along with these effects, we have addressed some solutions like quality lighting and the use of shielded lights to confront light pollution. The first dark sky city (Flagstaff) and International dark sky association also came to our discussion. The rest is left for us. We have started it, so, we have to end it and we will end it.


Thank You! March 19, 2009

Posted by linta in THANK YOU!!!.

I would like to thank everybody who gave their valuable suggestions and comments. I am glad that I could introduce this topic to some of you.

Now, about the suggestions. Thaso, I am really happy that I could present a totally new information to you. I assure you, Roksana, Farzana, and Crystal that my posts will not be that long. If possible, I will present information in point form, but it is not appropriate always.

Another suggestion from Madu, Safra and Zishrat was that the font size can be increased. I am sorry to say this, but I can’t change font size or type. Sometimes it changes on its own and I can’t really control it.

Sinthu, I have mentioned how light pollution causes environmental problems in my earlier posts. However, I would address that issue again in the future, if there is anything worthwhile to add.(I am sure there is!)

Prabi, your suggestion was a very good one. As you can see in my new posts, I have added captions to the pictures.

Meta, I am really sorry that the long writings made it difficult for you to understand what I was trying to say. What happens is that, while writing, I don’t usually proof read. Whatever comes to my mind, I just write. However, I will be careful about this in the future.

Hamshi, I will really try to connect light pollution with other types of pollution and compare them.

Zishrat, as you can see, I have addressed specific places in my new posts. In fact, I was trying to do so. In the outline I drew for the blogshop, it was one of the things I had added.

Geena, I’m glad that you like my blog and the pictures. In fact, it is a difficult task to find appropriate pictures, it is the most time consuming part for me in writing my posts.

Thank You All!!!