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In Short… April 16, 2009

Posted by linta in THANK YOU!!!.

A Dark night-Don't let it to be a dream tomorrow

A Dark night-Don't let it to be a dream tomorrow

What we have seen so far is that our world is witnessing a “new” kind of pollution, light pollution. I have used the word “new” in the sense that though it was right beside us, only recently we started addressing it. The excessive artificial light that is spilled out into the atmosphere is the main reason for light pollution. It is a phenomenon happens due to the presence of light where it is not needed. Apart from the causes we have seen the numerous aftermaths of light pollution too. They include biodiversity losses, natural habitat destructions etc. we have seen that new born sea turtles  find it’s difficult to move towards ocean and birds die striking lit buildings, all due to the presence of light in places that misguides the creatures. Humans are not at all free from the repercussions of light pollution. Those effects include the increased breast cancer incidence, headaches and damage to the normal functioning of reproductive systems. Along with these effects, we have addressed some solutions like quality lighting and the use of shielded lights to confront light pollution. The first dark sky city (Flagstaff) and International dark sky association also came to our discussion. The rest is left for us. We have started it, so, we have to end it and we will end it.




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