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We Can Do Something… April 8, 2009

Posted by linta in solutions.
Shielded and unshielded lights

Shielded and unshielded lights

It’s always better to prevent something bad from happening than to wait until it happenst. But, if it has already happened, the only way is to find a solution as quickly as possible. Same with light pollution. It is here, beside you and me, so, what we need is a solution. As we created the problem, we need to solve it too. What can we do? One day, I was discussing this issue with my friends. Suddenly, one of them asked: “What can we do? Can we go up to the sky and catch the extra light in sacks and bring it back to the ground?”  But what’s the need of thinking ridiculous things like this when there are solutions as simple as the ones listed below?
1. The easiest solution is to direct light into the ground where it is needed, and thus prevent the spill out of light into the sky where it is not needed. For that, shielded lamps of light sources can be used.
2. Another way is to turn off lights when they are not in use. Here, there are two benefits. Besides controlling light pollution, if each person follows the above strategy, how much energy can we save?
3. Reducing the intensity of light is very important too. Most of the time, we use more light than we actually need. For example, in my room, we have got four electric lights and sometimes, all of them are turned on. The case is not different in the common area in our apartment.
4. Control the misuse of light- this is very important. Especially while decorating our shops or cities or even houses, think of the harms that light pollution can bring about.
These are the things that I can think of right now. But, there are still more. If you can think of any, why don’t you share?



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