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Protecting the Night Sky March 25, 2009

Posted by linta in organizations.
A Protected Night Sky

A Protected Night Sky

International Dark-sky Association (IDA), is a non-profit organization that is aimed at protecting night sky worldwide. Below are some of the features of the organization:

  • IDA was formed in 1988.
  • It was formed by Dr. David.L. Crowford and Dr. Tim Hunter.
  • Now, it has over 11,000 members.
  • Its goals include is to put an end to the dreadful consequences of light pollution, raising awareness about this issue and educate about quality lighting.
  • Its mission, as it is stated in the official website of the association, “is to protect and preserve the nighttime environment and our heritage of dark skies through quality outdoor lighting.

It is noticeable that the association was formed before 20 years which means light pollution is not a new phenomenon. It was right here, beside us. Not even lurching, if we had looked around us, we would  have been able to see it. But we never noticed until it became almost irreversible.

Source: http://www.darksky.org/mc/page.dositePageId=55060&orgId=idsa 




1. Geena - April 2, 2009

its interesting to know about this organisation. the point form helps me to get a quick idea.

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