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Why Is It Still Unnoticed? March 11, 2009

Posted by linta in solutions.


Today one of my friends asked me what my blog is about. When I told her that I was writing about light pollution, she was really surprised. She asked me: “Is there a pollution like that?” Here, who is to be blamed? As I had said in previous posts, most people are unaware of the existence of light pollution. When Ms. Jen brought up this issue in our homeroom, a few months ago, I was a little confused too. Once I did ask her why we call this phenomenon ‘light pollution’? When we say water pollution, we are referring to polluted water. Same in the case of soil, air or atmospheric pollutions. So, light pollution should refer to polluted light. But when we read the article “Our Vanishing Night”, the confusion regarding the name was no more. Before that we had no idea about light pollution. Though it is discussed by scientists almost all over the world, the public is still unaware of it. It is necessary that the issue should be given much importance because it is very harmful to the existence of both humans and other living beings. We have already seen some of the many negative effects of light pollultion. Who should raise awairness? Of course, us. Who else? We are causing light pollution, each and everyone of us contribute to it. So, it is our responsibility to bring it to attention. What we can do is that we can tell our friends and families that such a phenomenon exists and we are the reason behind it. A small change can make a big difference. If we try to reduce the amount of artificial light spilled out into the atmosphere, we can save our country from light pollution. It is totally possible because our countries are not that affected by it. If we don’t act now, as George Eslinger, the former director of the Los Angeles City Bureau of Steet Lighting says: “the entire globe will soon be wrapped in a glowing envelope through which none of the magic of the Universe can be seen by the naked eye.”             

Source:       http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2001/ast01nov_1.htm   




1. vsinthu - March 14, 2009

Yes Linta, you are correct; a small change makes a big different, so we want to work for that.
Thanks for your post. I got the idea about the light pollution.

2. poorvoices - March 14, 2009


Your blog is really interesting for it has so many information about light pollution which is not discussed much.

Most of the problems in earth are created by humans and the solutions also come from them.

A great post to create awareness among people like us and all. \


3. crystalfe - March 15, 2009

I agree with Prabi’s comment that most of the problems are created by man and they are the once who ultimately solves it. That is human beings. We do mistakes and we correct them but when we try solving it, it also can be too later. Therefore, we I think whatever we do, we should think twice before doing anything to the earth. What do you say Linta?

By the way, this blog and all these post are amazing. I love reading them. Well done.


4. hamshik - March 16, 2009

I do agree with what Prabi and Crystal wrote that we, human being do not think about the effects before we act against the earth though we know the effects.

I’m really glad that you brought up the studies what we did in Ms. Jen’s class and from the one artlcle you have been elaborating it and bringing up many interesting facts through it.

I would say in one word that your blog is amazing.


5. zishrat - March 16, 2009


I also agree with everyone who commented here. We are creating problems and we see the results in front of our eyes. But, light pollution is hardly noticed. People like us don’t have any idea how it is affecting our biodiversity. That’s the problem with it. As a conscious citizen we should talk about this issues more to make it familiar to everyone.


6. farzanamithila - March 18, 2009

I agree with Zisha. Like many other pollutions light pollution is also harmful, but we hardy ever think about it. We shoul think about the problem more.
– Farzana

7. roksanaparvin - March 18, 2009

Before read the blog I did not about light pollution. Now I know about the phenomenon I want to say like Mithila and Zishrat that we should think about it.

8. Todd Cass - December 9, 2009

You lived out in the country, now civilization is growing up TO you…MORE LIGHTS IN TOWN= HARDER TO SEE THE SKY
Stop whining and start buying American!

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